This is the story of the Edible Castle Alternative Reality Game: The Stolen Episode, written from the creators viewpoint

Thousands of participants took part in our little fictional adventure. Their goal was to be the first to find Episode 10 of The Edible Castle which had been 'stolen' by one of the cartoons own charcters- the Wizard. The first player to do so would win a nifty prize pack which included Edible Castle and Newgrounds merchandise. The only clue to start them off on the search was a letter left behind at the scene of the crime by the thief.

So, where do we start? I suppose with that letter (sadly me and Andy don't actually work in an Edible Castle office - yet)...


Click here to view the letter

CLUE(S): the URL on the letterhead footer, the phone number, the email address

WHAT TO DO: add Tim to your MSN, phone him or visit the website


Click here to visit the web site

TRIVIA: the girls at the bottom of the site are actually me and Andy, who'd have thought!? the makeup was applied in photoshop only!

Did you like how badly the website was made? I particularly like the jpeg compression on the main header graphic.

About 3000 people went to the website.

CLUES(S): Now Timothy says you can talk to him on MSN or phone him

WHAT TO DO: add Tim to your MSN and IM him, give him a call


TRIVIA: We spent most of our saturday and sunday talking on msn to a load of players and 95% of them role played along very nicely with the game. On Monday I set Tim's display name to give the next clue away. Though I did chat occasionally when I was in the mood.

Here's a snippet of one of the conversations...

Chris says: How can I get ahold of this dodgy sam fellow...

Chris says: And dont you go all "Press "A" to jump" you NPC (non-player character)

Timothy says: i'll NPC you across the face in a minute

Chris says: Or me be burning yer inn.

Timothy says: my pub's made of water so good luck

50% of people thought Tim had the episode, the rest of you smarty pants remembered the letter was signed by the Wiz.

Rusty Tim made in total, 230+ buddies on MSN and feels very popular.

The first person to contact Tim came about 4 minutes after I made the initial news post about the stolen episode!

If you gave him a call, Tim would have said this: LINK ON ITS WAY

CLUES: If you asked about the Wizard, Tim would tell you about his connection to Dodgy Sam who regularly visited the pub. If you asked how to find Sam, he's tell you about Delilah and her email address. Some people managed to get the info from Sam in about 5 or 6 lines of chat... others considerably longer... I remember 1 full on 20 minute convo with 1 guy that just went around and around... but we got there eventually.

WHAT TO DO: Email Delilah asking about Sam. or you might have done that straight from the pub website without talking to poor Tim


TRIVIA: The picture of Delilah on the pub website is an unedited photo of Andy.

She received around 300 loving emails.

Here is a example of one of the emails:

"Have you seen a wizard anywhere nearby?"

hmmm... wait. that was horribly boring "bubbleleaf02" shame on you. Here's a better example:

"I saw you profile on the website. I think you are very hot. I really want your lobster tail! Wanna meet me sometime!"

woaw hot stuff... and hotter when I tell you that was sent from Dawn! A GIRL! I know i know.... I didnt think girls played games online either.

WHAT TO DO: Email that Lobster chick and she'll send one right back in your face telling you Dodgy Sam can be found on Rumblebottom street


Click here to meet Dodgy Sam

Sam had 422 visitors

CLUES: Sam says the wiz was going to Radical Ridiculous Potent Potions.

WHAT TO DO: Choose "I'm looking for the lost episode" and "it's a mouth fo' sho'!" to get the info from Sam. Then click on the potions shop poster on the right. It has a URL at the bottom.


Click here to visit the site

TRIVIA: williscoolerthanandy.com is not a real site, but it's true nonetheless.

Clive reads out 3rd of March because that was around the time we thought we'd finish making this quest. we over ran. just a tad.

Computer voice reads out "13th of August" for the hell of it and coz Andy couldn't be bothered recording it. We left it blank on his first recording as we hadn't settled on a date yet.

Potent Potions saw 444 unique visitors.

CLUES: the shopkeep says the wiz was looking around his disappearance potions (i wonder what he was planning on doing to that episode he stole!), Clive says he'll meet you on the forums - that was a tricky clue, hope you all noticed it!

WHAT TO DO: go wait on the forums and complicate matters with silly theories and ideas etc, oh you did that? nice one well done.


Click here to visit the forums

TRIVIA: This is when a few members started to pretend to be part of the story and a few of you were suckered in and started asking alot about an upside down dragon cake. What was with that? Rusty Tim had about 10 people grill him about it.

Clive had about 16 message from people trying to get their grubby little mitts on the clue before anyone else. Shame on you! But no harm in trying.

Around this time Andy and I decided there was too much time between Clives letter and the 13th of August. The aim of that was to let a few more people who maybe didn't visit newgrounds daily to catch up and to string it out and bit and let you all stew in the gross colour scheme of the EC forums. We decided to add in a video clip of Sir David sneaking into the wizards house!


Click here to watch the video

TRIVIA: I filmed the whole thing myself there's a cut in the video when david suddenly pans it around. Andy then voiced over it.

It is extremely hard to stick fake eyebrows on a towel which is covering ones eyes and have them lined up. It is also hard to then film anything.

CLUE: Wiz is singing "what's my name, what's my name? It's jingle It's jingle, what's my thang? what's my thang? it's jangle, its jangle"

WHAT TO DO: take a note of what he wiz is rapping


Click here to view the letter

TRIVIA: there were no clues here just random pictures and numbers

I couldn't find any Z's in the Vision Express mini magazine (the only magazine i could find - lucky junk mail of the day) and of course there were 5 in the message.

Later on when people were asking Tim about the upside down dragon cake, he was using the numbers in this letter to confuse them further.


Listen to the Wizard's rap here

"Hullo ladies an gentles

eyem soz about da long wait but I woz receavin def frets an hadda go into hidin for a whyle. Afta me an da wiz had hour fallin owt I managed 2 smuggle a copy ov dis rap hea woz makin. eyem not shoor its eny yoos but he woz verie secret-like abowt it.

enywayz hav a lissen an hoapfully wee can soart all dis conglomeration owt soon!



x "

TRIVIA: Lyrics:


yo yo yo, CHECK me out,

the big bad wizard's gonna rap about,

bitches, hows and other things,

but let me rap first about chicken wings,


burka burka burka cock doo,

cockle doodle diddly doodle doodle dang doo,

the flip the FLAP the wickity woo,

chicken wings eaten by a kangaroo,


they tend to punch, to HIT you with a down-under curse,

and if you call them mean, they'll do something worse,

they'll get a good lawyer and empty your purse,

mean kangaroos suing you,

you're better off showing them your kung fu


heya wa i'll hit you,

watch out BOY, coz i'm coming about,

i know 6 ways of hitting you and making you shout,

1,2,3,4,5,6,7, okay that wasn't 6 coz i've thought of number 7.


Listen up G, I'm playing with thee,

there's a POINT to this rhyme which I've made for ye,

start with yo, and count the words,

numbers 4,16,6 and 8 and 10

uh huh do do do dododododo

Now here's what to do, so listen close,

it's a word per verse in my wick wack prose,

don't count the lines and you'll get the clue

it's a word per verse I've made for you.

H to the double T, P colon slash slash, fools,

ediblecastle.com slash your answer slash your answer,

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha

don't act like you don't know who this be neither hehehe

Andy wrote the lyrics and rapped, I made the music.

CLUES: The wiz tells you to count words, not lines. He tells you to count a word PER VERSE, not 'a word perverse' haha. I agree, "perverse" and "per verse" do sound like each other... but come on... this is a song... it has verses. the Wiz also tells you to put these words or answers in a web URL

WHAT TO DO: write down the 4th word in verse 1, the 16th in v2, 6th in 3, 8th in 4 and 10th in 5. then put these into a web URL like so: http://ediblecastle.com/check/flap/hit/boy/point


Click here to visit the Wizard's lair

TRIVIA: my trumpet teachers favourite snack really was burnt toast. except that it wasn't and I never had a trumpet teacher

It took the first people about 6 hours to get here. Over 100 people visited it

The wizard in the video is me and andy voice over it. Like the hat?

If you turn the volume up you'll hear MC Hammer - Cant Touch This in the background.

The wand I bought broke in my bag carrying it home... i incorporated it into the video clip.

CLUES: The wizard tells you about the potion and the handbook and how to find the episode.

WHAT TO DO: Click the laptop, then the handbook, then drag the objects into the cauldron in this order: cup, cat, toast, fox, picture of sun, time, beach ball, tall ship, brick, wings


Click here to watch the stolen episode

TRIVIA: over 100 people found the episode. but obviously not all of them solved the wizards lair stage

The top 10 players to find the episode were:

1. Chris Conant 06:39 (all times in GMT)

2. Alex Indy Anisimov 06:45

3. Seth Garrett 06:48

4. Anvinsciuto 06:49

5. SykoKiller666 06:50

6. Russell 06:54

7. Andrew Araya 06:57

8. Joshua Tomar (tomamoto from newgrounds) 07:09

9. Christopher Wade 07:14

10. Codien 07:15

well done everyone though!! clapclapclapclap

WHAT TO DO: enter 'jingle' and 'jangle' into the text fields. this is what the wizard was rapping in the shower. clever huh?

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